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SAPXMLTOOLKIT Performance issue on XSLT conversion

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I am runnning a large XSLT transformation (source XML ~

16MB - relatively flat format record structure from a POS

system converting to IS Retail IDOC WPUBON IDOC -

around5MB of converted XML).

The aim is that this is portable bewteen SAP Business

Connector and SAP XI (both using the SAP XML TOOKIT). It

was looking good (around 80 seconds conversion time on my

laptop) and then I got a sapxmltoolkit.jar update (then I

tried it on SAP BC 4.7 then tracked it down to versions

of the sapxmltoolkit).

I then looked at the command line performance on this for

various different versions of sapxmltoolkit (used to be

command line from inqmyxml.jar) - we use xmlspy for XSLT

development and you can hook in a command line call to

use the library... sample call:

C:jdk1.3.1_15jrebinjava -ms384M -mx1024M -cp D:testingsapxmltoolkit.jar;
C:jdk1.3.1_15jrelibrt.jar;D:testingSCTmapping.jar %1 %2 %3 %4

LOOKING AT THE PROPERTIES file from the jar file the

following version works well. Run time around 80 seconds

completing in 500M of memory

version=630.20030828104710.0000 GOOD

the next two versions I have work very badly - run time

greater than 10 minutes, system pages itself to death

uses all 1GB of java memory (and my laptop only has 1GB)

version=630.20050221090341.0000 BAD

version=630.20040429124817.0000 BAD

I see the latest version available still seems to be

stamped 630 (even in 640 netweaver shipment). Who

develops this... My samples to replicate this problem are

rather large... but happy to post them to site for

interested party

Even on a 140K sized sample XML the same ratio exists

goes from a few seconds to convert to minutes.... just on

a change in sapxmltoolkit versions

Regds Doug.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Doug,

Could you please open a CSS message and attache sample XML and XSL files?

Thanks and Best regards,


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Thanks Alexander,

Have logged as message 0120025231 / 0000618401 / 2005

My short term fix is to run an IDE with known version of sapxmltoolkit (and invoke this separately) and avoid the built in sapxmltookit.jar...

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the sample files. The fix for the problem will be officially part of SP13.

Best regards,


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