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sapwebdisp configuration

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Hi all, im looking for a hint or solution on how to achieve our planned setup, whether some one have tried it before.

Our backend is : SAP NW J2ee 7.00 ( Java stack only ) SP 12 with SLL applied to the system.

eg: server CN is : , SSL also enabled on this server.

we have develop applicaitions on it , and for the internet publishing we are using sapwebdisp.

The question is :

how can i do multiple redirection on the sapwebdisp.pfl ?

we will be having mulltiple URL


1. shoudl go to /webdynpro/dispacther/app1

2. should go to /webdynpro/dispacther/app2

if user type it also will be redirectted to SSL

is this possible in sapwebdisp ?


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Hello Muda,

I only had done this without SSL on our portal to use it as a redirect to another url, but maybe it works for you too with the parameter icm/HTTP/redirect_<xx> (where xx is a ascending number). With this you can create multiple redirects dependend on the url which is called.

Informations about the icm/HTTP/redirect and its parameters you can find here:

I hope this helps.



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The problem is that The Web dispatcher is only able to do http redirects and not Http rewrites.

A redirect is a new url sent to the web browser but usually, the firewall prevents it to work from the internet if the hostname is changed in the redirect command.

For the case of the original poster, I would say that an Apache Reverse proxy would be a better solution.

In a similiar case, I had to chain an Apache Reverse proxy (to deal with URL rewrites) and a SAP web dispatcher for load balancing.