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SAPUI5 Walkthrough Step 4 Cannot find XML View

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I am trying the SAPUI5 Walkthrough in WEBIDE. I am stuck at step 4 : XML View

Following is my code and the corresponding files.

Any ideas...Need help with the error.

Figure 1 : Folder Structure

Figure 2 : index.html

-------- Cannot add more screen shots - so pasting code from neo-app.json

"welcomeFile": "index.html",
"routes": [ {
"path": "/resources",
"target": {
"type": "service",
"name": "sapui5",
"entryPath": "/resources" },
"description": "SAPUI5 Resources" },
"path": "/test-resources",
"target": {
"type": "service",
"name": "sapui5",
"entryPath": "/test-resources" },
"description": "SAPUI5 Test Resources" } ]

-------- Cannot add more screen shots - so pasting error message text from console

sap-ui-core.js:174 Uncaught (in promise) Error: resource Learning/view/App.view.xml could not be loaded from /resources/Learning/view/App.view.xml. Check for 'file not found' or parse errors. Reason: Not Found(…)


I think the problem is with the path somewhere because webapp I cannot see webapp in the file path in the console anywhere.. but how do I introduce it there.


* I wish there was a provision to add more screen shots

* SAPUI5 is not available in the primary tags when you try to post a new question.

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