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SAPUI5 Smart Filter Issue with ui5 version upgrade ...

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Hi community,

I have used the SAPUI5 SmartFilter in SmartTable filter bar with Annotations in the application, which was developed in the 1.32 sap.ui.version in gateway. Initially the Smart Filter was working fine as in the following screen shot..

After the ui5 version upgrade in the gateway system, the corresponding Filter behaving as free text. SELECT FROM LIST has disappeared. The current ui5 version is 1.42.7. Now when any of the SmartFilter in the filter bar is clicked, it is coming as per the below screen shot.

But it working fine till the version 1.38.12. Where can i modify over there on the Smart Table Filter bar or Annotations? Please comments ....

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Do you have really 1.42.7 on gateway or do you mean in the webide on HANA Cloud Platform?

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Hi Deba,

The Select from List is coming from the annotation file.

It is the annotation ValueList. Can you check if for the annotation Stream with annotation Term <AnnotationTerm="">

The given <PropertyValueProperty="CollectionPath"String="XY"/> is correct. So if there is still the collectionPath available? What do you get in the console? Any error?