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SAPUI5 App Safari Crash - Offline Functionalities

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Hi everyone,

we're developing a SAPUI5 Web-App with multiple offline functionalities. We're persisting data which was received over ODATA Services from SAP Backend and Users can already create their PUT/POST requests while being offline which we store in a queue. All offline data is stored in indexeddb.

Now we're having issues that under different circumstances, for example doing multiple requests while being offline or navigating between different entitysets while being offline, the app crashes in the Safari Browser on an iPad5. It might even crash while being online, the message we are getting is "A Problem Occurred with this Webpage, so it was Reloaded" and we can't figure out the cause of this issue.

Anybody got experience with SAPUI5 Apps and Indexeddb and could maybe give us some good tips for our trouble shooting? Every help is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Michael,

I am not sure about indexeddb - most likely you will get more concrete answers from the google community.

However, I find it curious that you opted for a third party offline lib when SAP already provides you with such capability via Storage OData offline models (getters/setters/online/offline/etc).

Please check this git project on how to use it.