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SAPSprint 7600.1.8.56 - random packets hanging in Windows Spooler

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So we are running SAPSprint 7600.1.8.56 and it seems 'stable' - we have been on this version for some time now, and we print 10k+ pages per day to various printers in our landscape. 99.9% of the time, we have no issues.

We have seen random cases where during a heavy printer load, we have a print packets hang in the Windows Queue for the print device; usually it is just a single printer. We have seen this happen to 3 devices within a 15 min timeframe.

We have worked with IT and have tried various things like changing the device drivers on the Windows print servers, etc but we continue to see this. I'd say in a month we typically see 1-4 cases where our background job executes and sends packets to the spooler, and one of the packets to a printer will hang in the Windows Print Queue for the device.

We are unable to cancel the print, and we cannot delete it, and it holds up every SAP spool for that device behind it (in SP01 these will show at Proc status). We have IT clear the packet, which involves restarting the Windows Spooler and SAPSprint service. The restart of the SAPSprint causes those spools in Proc status to change to Error, and we have to select those in SP01 and resend them to the print device.

These are random occurrences, and occur with random printers - there is seemingly no pattern to this behavior, only that it is triggered from our MRP job. We have upgraded several times to later versions of SAPSprint on SAP support's guidance, only to see the behavior continue.

Anyone seeing similar, and if so, how are/did you manage these cases?

TIA, Ray

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