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SAPScript and Smartforms are everywhere?

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I am a newbie of SAP. It seems there are many components of SAP like SAP R/3, Netweaver, mySAP, BW, CRM, Business Suite and many more.

I am not interested in SAPScript and SmartForms.

Can someone confirm with me that SAPScript and SmartForms are available in all these components?

Please let me know. I will grade your answer.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAPScripts are being superceded by SMARTForms.

They are used for issuing Forms/letters/receipts/invoices/remittances output from SAP R/3 - MySAP ERP.

They are defiantely used in FI, Logistics and the core modules.

Not Netweaver as such, as this is an application layer as opposed to an application. e.g. MySAP ERP runs on Netweaver, so I guess it would be part yes, but then BW runs on Netweaver, but doesn't use sapscripts or smartforms, so part no. (clear as mud!)

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for your answer.

I want to know one more thing:

What do you think about the fate of SAP?

Are they gearing up and moving downhill? I see they are only able to secure traditional business such as manufacturing or logistic. As Oracle and Microsoft are eagerly eying a piece of cake in this industry, do you think SAP can withstand the challenges?

Please let me know. Thanks

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I think SAP are the market leaders in this area. We looked at many alternatives before implementing SAP.

But then I am biased as I work with SAP and have done for five years!

The way SAP is developing and pushing forward, they are going to be around for along time yet.

I am in the process of trying to change discipline in SAP as there are stronger areas, than others... Trying to move away from Functional to Technical.

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