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I have two companies on different networks which have no communication with each other. I would like to configure saprouter so we can connect the ECC of a company with the Solution Manager of another company.

Possible ?



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Answers (4)

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You must have to use only one gateway.



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If you want to have a SAPRouter communicating with these two networks and they cannot reach each other, you must have at least one common point where these two networks can communicate. e.g: Network A ( Network B ( and DMZ (

If network A cannot reach network b, but both of them can reach the DMZ network, you should install the router on this network which is a common point of access and you can route the traffic from there. If you don't have this common point of access, the most viable alternative seems to configure a VPN, but for this you will have to work along with your network team to set.



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Hi Marcelo,

First of all you need to decide , where SAPRouter services going to deploy.

e.g. you installed SAPRouter on SolMan server.

You need to make firewall changes at your Solution Manager server , to allow connection with ECC system existing at differant network. Also add entries of ECC system IP address to SAPROUTTAB file on solMan.

Also decide whether you would like to install SNC enabled router or not

Best Regards,

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Hello Marcelo,

it depens what exactly "no communication" means in your context. You need to have connection between those two networks (company ECC and company SOLMAN). At least on one port opened dedicated to saprouter.

Let's say you will install saprouter in SOLMAN network, then you'll need dedicated port for it, for example 3299 (by default). And you need to be able to reach from ECC network location of saprouter on port 3299. Once configured, communication can go through this channel.