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/sapmnt//profile deleted after uninstall of application server.

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Good day

After an uninstall, I am unable to re-install again

this is the error I get when installing "usr/sap/BD1/SYS/profile does not exist"

Please assist

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Hi Alinah

Can you tell me more about what you were trying to do? Where did you stop and why do you want to now re-install again?

More information is always helpful trying to solve issues of community members.

Perhaps it's a typo (didn't copy paste the whole error message) but I would expect /usr/sap/BD1/SYS/profile and not usr/sap/BD1/SYS/profile so that could already be the issue if that is the case.

Does the path /usr/sap/BD1/SYS/profile exist would be my second question or thing you should check because it might not exist and if the installer wants to write in that path, it's logical an error message would be thrown.

Best regards