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Sapinst re-install issues

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We are installing EP6 SR1 NW04 in a distributed Windows 2003 server environment with the SCS in a MSCS cluster.

We are following the SAP Guide "Installing and Configuring a StandAlone Java 6.40

SR1 System on Windows with MSCS Oracle" document Version 1.40 July 27,


We have successfully used the above document in another environment and installed a distributed landscape before.

The issue is that we messed up a step in the install (Page 40 - Step 9 note continued on pg 41, we are installing the CI on a local disk of a node of the MSCS cluster). Instead of choosing the Local Disk, we mistakenly chose the shared MSCS X drive. To rectify this, we uninstalled the SCS, Central Instance and Dialog Instance from the server using the UNINSAP.exe utility.

Now when we go back and are ready to try to install the Central Instance, the SAPINST does not present us with an option to select the local drive for the installation. (actually the whole Sapinst GUI is slightly different in order and options available for us to select) We continued with the install and it defaulted to installing the CI on the shared drive again. So I ask how do I rectify this defaulting to the previously selected shared drive.

We have searched everywhere and deleted all references of this in the Registry, in XML files and from the sapinst_dir directory (C:\Program Files\SAPINST_INSTDIR\NW04SR1\WEBAS_JAVA\CI) . Is it possible that it has "remembered" this information from some other registry entry, XML file or INI file?

I've heard of people having this problem before with BW. Any advice, on how we can completely clean the server of all traces of the old install.


Josh P.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Hans. We actually figured this one out after quite some time and major headaches. Apparently during the installation, the sap gui writes not only to the install log files, but also to the DB. After we unistalled and reinstalled the DB (through the sap gui), we were able to proceed. I I hope this helps. Let me know if you need further explanation.


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I have just experienced the same problem. Is there anyone that have resolved this question?

regards Hans Petter