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SAPgui for Windows under Parallels: no file loading for yuo!!1!

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I've had the most disconcerting experience trying to load some data into SAP. When I use cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog, I get a short dump with runtim error "RAISE_EXCEPTION". Here are some choice details from the short dump:

    Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised.
Error analysis
    A RAISE statement in the program "CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES======CP" raised the
    condition "CNTL_ERROR".
    Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior program
    in the hierarchy, processing was terminated.

    Short description of exception condition:

    For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use
    Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called
    function module from the display of active calls.
Information on where terminated
    The termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES======CP"
     in "FILE_EXIST".
    The main program was "ZDC_METAL_TEMPLATE_RECAP_LOAD ".

    The termination occurred in line 55 of the source code of the (Include)
     program "CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES======CM00Z"
    of the source code of program "CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES======CM00Z" (when
     calling the editor 550).

The file loads just fine in SAPgui for Java.

Any thoughts or insights? Is my installation hosed, maybe?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Hans,

in case you can reproduce this problem on a "native" Wintel-PC, you should create a <a href="">bug report</a> on component BC-FES-GUI and attach the complete ABAP dump. Usually it includes a code snipped with the failing line marked with an arrow.

I do not expect your problem related to your WinGUI installation or your special setup running it in Parallels on a Mac.

Best regards


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