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SAPEVT, SAPXPG no longer work after patching disp+work

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I just updated the 640 AScii kernel from level 147 to 168 on a test system.

Since the update, the SAPEVT and SAPXPG no longer work.

We had the problem before (in older kernel versions) , so I applied the latest SAPEVT and SAPXPF patches on top of disp+work lvl 168.

Problem was solved.

But why are there older versions of sapevt and sapxpg in the disp+work level 168 patch ?

How can I check the current version of a kernel component on the system ?

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Hi Jo,

I think, you are having a slight misunderstanding here.

dw 168 does NOT contain SAPEVT & SAPXPG - it doesn't contain ANYTHING of the other patches available !

=> If you want to patch everything you would have 2 choices:

a) patch everything manually

b) grap a complete kernel like R3OPT, but there the latest is 147 or so ...

=> you updated the kernel to 168 and did nothing with the other things

=> it can happen, that it is no longer compatoible

=> you did the correct thing and patched these 2 ones as well ...


Volker Gueldenpfennig, - -