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I will award multiple points for any help here.


This file SAPBEX.XLA is the date modified suppose to keep changing? I downloaded the FEP 16 and now it has todays date and seems to have reverted back to the older file size. The OSS note said to just replace out the SAPBEX.XLA to get the FEB 16 patch.

I just want to know what these files do or at a very least will the dates on these files keep changing?





All located in /program files/sap/frontend.

Thanks in advance


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I can help with some of what you ask; but, I will not pretend to have the full story.

SAPBEX.xla is "the Analyzer". It is an Excel add-in that is filled with macros ... some public (the BEx API functions) and mostly private. It contains one or two worksheets (depending on your installation). One of the worksheets contains translations of all of the Analyzer's messages and menu entries for all supported languages.

Like any other Excel workbook, if you look at the file date when the file is open in Excel, it will show today's date. If you look at the file date when the file is not open in Excel, it will (usually) show an earlier file date.

I never noticed before that the file date changes. But, now that you mention it .. sure enough, I haven't loaded any new GUI in a while, yet the file date is showing as 14 days ago. My only guess is that something on one of those worksheets gets updated from the server on occasion.

SAPBEX0.xla seems to get loaded if I launch a file from the BW Browser. Since I don't use the Browser very often, I almost never have SAPBEX0.xla open. I don't really know what extra functionality it supplies ... but I don't seem to need it.

SAPBEXC.xla is for "C"hecking your installation. You load it, hit the "Start" button and it will assess your installation for you.

SAPBEXS.xla is a "Style" sampler. See note I posted earlier today for an explanation of why you MIGHT care about "Style".

I hope this helps.

- Pete

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Can you also try and answer this. If I save a workbook and my sapbex.xla is FEP 16 and other users are still running FEB 9 is that a problem ? We are going to upgrade everyone in a couple weeks.