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SAP_XITOOL fails to deploy SP20

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I am using SDM to deploy the SAP_XITOOL for SP20 and I am getting the following error message. Anyone know what setting I need to change. All of the other packages have deployed successfully.


Deployment started Tue May 22 13:38:48 EDT 2007


Starting Deployment of

Aborted: development component ''/''/'SAP AG'/'3.0.2020070413104633.0000', grouped by :

Caught exception during application deployment from SAP J2EE Engine's deploy service:

java.rmi.RemoteException: Cannot store information about application in the database during update.. <b>Reason: Object value for entry "PROPS_STR_STR:ApplicationProperties" is too large. Limit is at 2,000 bytes.; nested exception is: Object value for entry "PROPS_STR_STR:ApplicationProperties" is too large. Limit is at 2,000 bytes.</b> (message ID:

Deployment of finished with Error (Duration 195765 ms)

Starting Deployment of SAP_XITOOL

Aborted: software component 'SAP_XITOOL'/''/'SAP AG'/'1000.':

No further description found.

Deployment of SAP_XITOOL finished with Error (Duration 1625 ms)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This error is not related to this tool specifically.

Check this out,



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Actually the problem was the order in which I was deploying SP20. Normally when I apply a service pack I do the ABAP portion followed by the Sapinst and then I used the SDM to deploy the remaining software. For some reason I forgot the SApinst portion and hence I encountered this problem. I guess I was spending too much time in the sun!!!

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I would wait for a new patch level 2.

SP 20 has some bugs

e.g.: Note 1053706 - Function "if" produces wrong result in Message-Mapping

We have opened a oss message and the sap support say: wait for the new patch level.