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SAP XI stack 14 upgrade

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Hi all,

one month ago I installed SAP XI stack 14 but after several problems we decided to downgrade SAP XI to the current stack 11.

The issues were related to some java exceptions in the adapter framework and work process saturation due to a bug in the alert management.

Do you consider stack 14 stable and mature for a productive environment?

Are there any important bugs fixing that give a very extra value respect to stack 11?

Many thanks

Giulio Norici

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Answers (2)

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Hi Satish,

I already had a look to the documetation, I would like to know some productive experiences or some suggestions based on a working system on SP14.

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Hi Giulio

These threads discuss the issues with SP14 and the resolutions as well,

Hope they were helpful



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We are running XI on SP14 since a couple of weeks ago.

Everything seems to be OK, a lot of improvements have been done especially on the File adapter (variable replacement , content based file and folder-names etc..) and JMS adapter (adapter specific headers).

In addition to this there's also a new link/menu on the SLD homepage where you can maintain view and configure groups of systems. That's all I have noticed so far...



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Thanks all,

so my understanding is that SP14 is quite stable and mature for a production system, anybody else advises against?

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Hi Giulio,

i agree with the answer above.

We moved to SP14 two weeks ago and had problems with the file adapter. After importing patch level 4 our system is fine now!

But we have no alert functions active at the moment!

So no experience from that side!



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Hello Everyone,

I would appreciate if anyone would let me know the procedure to apply SP 14 for SAP WebAS Java. We have imported the BASIS component using SPAM and can install Adapter specific patches using SDM.

The documentation says we have to use SAPInst for the same.Has anyone used the same?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Rajeev~

i had already replied to ur post.

let me elaborate.

you need to extract CTRLORA14_0-20000118.SAR, J2EERT14_0-10001982.SAR,J2EERTOS14_0-20000118.SAR,SAPINST14_0-20000118.SAR files in a single folder.

after extracting 2 additional folders will be created, the folder names will be J2EE-RUNT-CD and SAPINST-CD. in the folder SAPINST-CD you can find sap insataller in the path \SAPINST-CD\SAPINST\NT\I386.



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