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SAP XI: How To Write Shell Script And use it in File Adapter On XI Server

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I want to split file at sender side in XI using Shell Script and then after i want to do


Can anyone tell me what exactly it means "write a script in UNIX shell on XI SERVER"?



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Hi Akshay,

UNIX Shell script can written at the Command Line in the Communication channel of File Adaper.. There you will be the logic related to Splitting of file.

Let supporse i written like this as follwoing in one of my file Adapter scenarios

/mqm/bin/ %f

This program has information like how can i split my data from the source file .Generally we will you when we format the data in file adapter before coming in to XI.

Warm Regards,


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a shell script a set of unix commands that run on the XI server if it runs on unix.

Your BASIS guy should help you to create the shell scripe



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a shell script a set of unix commands that <b>run on the XI server if it runs on unix</b>

what does it mean exactly?

Can we have XI server on UNIX ?

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Hi Akshay !

Yes, XI can run on unix.

An important point about execution an OS command after or before message processing in the communication channel in file adapter is that the scripts is executed by XI and runs in the XI server..if your XI is installed over Unix, you will need to develop a unix shell script (e.g. ".sh" file) or similar, and if your XI is installed over a Windows server, you will need to develop a windows shell script (e.g. ".bat" or ".cmd" file).

If your script needs to access data on the sender service or receiver service, you need to establish some type of connection inside the script to be able to access those servers from the script. Another aproach is to create a mount or drive letter mapping in your XI server, that links to the sender and/or receiver server and use that reference inside your script.



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You can execute a Unix script running in the XI server from the File communication channel. Ie. if you want to do something which was not part of XI adapter configuation , then you can make use of external unix script and you can execute those from the XI.

For this, write a unix script and place in the XI OS level provided that path is accessible from PI Channel.


So u can use this in either Sender Channel to modify the data before it reaches into the Integration Server or in Receiver channel it is generally used to transfer the files into different location via Secure FTP

SAP help:


XI can be in any OS.

Hope this helps,