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SAP Workflow: UWL workitem link in Email

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Question is related with the workflow for Travel Request:

I am sending outlook email to approvers informing them about the action to be performed whenever a workflow step is executed. While sending this email using FM ' SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 ', I need to construct the UWL link of work item as well so that the approver can directly navigate to the workitem to perform the desired action.

Kindly verify the below approach and suggest.

I am trying with the approach to construct the URL link of workitem using utility class 'CL_WD_UTILITIES' before sending the outlook mail but it does require the application name to be called. I see various webdynpro application configured for MSS in transaction LPD_CUST but they all are either for create travel request or for some other purpose. I couldn't get a application for UWL. Does UWL workitem also has a webdynpro application name? If it is what will be the name of the application and where it can be located it in ECC or portal?

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How about using the extended workflow notifications? they are used for informing the users about the workflow task they have and they can have standard links added to them for approving the tasks directly or links to the SBWP.

see Extended Notifications for SAP Business Workflow - Embedded Processes (SAP Business Workflow) - SAP ...

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Thanks Ronen, I tried with the extended notifications approach but was getting the error and no notifications were sent earlier. I tried to debug the code for program 'SWN_SELSEN' and came to know the reason of error which was basically the recipient address maintained in subscription settings as my internet address. Since the task agent email address was not matching my subscription email address and hence notifications were not sent. It should be '*' as recipient address.

I am able to work with this extended notifictaion approach for the time being but will still try to find out the standard code which constructs the URL link of workitem UWL. Now have an example in SOST to further analyse it


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Dear experts kindly provide me an answer, if the approach is feasible or not? and what will be the application name for it?