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SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in beta again??

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Dear SAP,

After the most recent upgrade (Version: 190425) it is hardly tolerable to work in Web IDE full stack (at least with node js and SAP UI5)

  1. ESLint - just stops working after some time (a couple of hours to my experience): you deploy your app and then after deployment (surprise) it crashes because of missed semicolon somewhere, and to revive ESLint you have to run Web IDE with settings=delete parameter
  2. Deployment does not work as it should - to deploy my MTA to cloud foundry first I have to delete node_modules folder in all my node js modules, build each of them separately, then build the whole project
  3. While I am working in Web IDE it just freezes for 3-5 sec every 30 sec (on both office and home laptop, one is Mac, and another is Win)

Just tell if we should abandon the Web IDE in favor of something else once and for all. Any recommendations from the community?

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Hi Sergey,

I am very sorry to hear you're experiencing this issues! I would pass these issues to the SAP WEb IDE development team for an investigation, but I do recommend to open a support ticket, if possible. This way the team can follow up with you and get all the information required to best address these issues, and you would also be able to follow up on the progress.