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sap ui5 opa5 how to select a sap.m.Link

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hello, i have a table that has a column that contins sap.m.Link objects. how can i write a test that will action a click on a speceific Link? Code tried: ( note, includes commented out code that did not work)

Cheers Pas

iSelectTableRow: function(params) {

let rows = null;

return this.waitFor({

viewName: viewName,

viewNamespace: viewNamespace,

controlType: "sap.m.Link",

matchers: new sap.ui.test.matchers.PropertyStrictEquals({ name: "text", value: params.propertyValue }),

// actions: new sap.ui.test.actions.Press(), action: function(oLink) { var hRef = oLink.getHref(); // oLink.$().trigger("tap");

// oLink.firePress(); // oSelect.setSelectedKey("keyOfMyItem"); },

success: function(oLink) {

// oLink.$().trigger("tap");

// oLink.firePress();

Opa5.assert.ok(true, params.controlDesc + " shows."); },

errorMessage: params.controlDesc + " does not show." }); },

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