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sap.ui.RichTextEditor conflicting with sap cap application validation message popup

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Hi Experts,

We're building a SAP BTP CAP-based Fiori app and integrating a custom Rich Text Editor fragment with an Object Page extension controller. We're encountering an error when attempting to create/save record because some fields are mandatory including the fields mapped to fragment. Please see the attached screenshot, the popup window of errors becomes squeezed because of this fragment section and affecting the whole UI. Additionally, we need a solution to make the mapped value in the fragment mandatory how we can show error if null value. 

Please suggest?

image (10).png

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @itsumerfarooq,

You first need to understand how sapui5 perform user input validation.
That works automatically for standard simple data types:

So, let's say you have an input field registered as Float. When the user enters data that isn't allowed by this data type, it displays an error message - so the user can make any necessary corrections. You can register it manually or by using annotations on your OData service. So, if you have a data type like Float defined on your service which is being used by Fiori Elements to display that field - it will display validation errors on it according to what is defined as this standard data type.

You can also define additional custom data types for your application. To do so, please read the documentation below:

Best regards,