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SAP Toools - Schema error.

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If i try use SAP Toools for MS SQL Server - Schema Conversion then i have error:

"Database XXX doesn't contain any SAP System in the schema dbo!"

Database name - XXX

Schema - XXX

Why its not working ?



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Answers (3)

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To check your system is dbo or schema based follow below.

click on system -> settings and check value of owner if it has dbo then your system using dbo connection if its your sap system id then its schema based.


Nikunj Thaker.

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As Beate says, have a look in the database XXX and see what owner you've got. If the owner is yyy, you have to change that to xxx.

Read more in the following OSS notes

- 551915 - R/3 won't start after a database copy

(conversion scripts attached to this note, if STM doesn't work)

- 683447 - SAP Tools for MS SQL Server (STM)

- 151603 - Copying an SQL Server Database

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Hi Tomasz,

the schema conversion option in the SAP Tools is supposed to be used for databases where the owner of the tables and the other objects is currently 'dbo'.

If this is not the case then you will receive this error message.

Take a look at the tables in the XXX database, do they really belong to the user dbo?

If not, then there is no need for a schema conversion.

Best regards,