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SAP Supported software for DR implementation

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I am in a Windows 2K3 / MS-SQL environments running SAP ECC 5.0 (only ABAP systems). It's a typical three system configuration: DEV, QAS, & PRD (clustered w/ MSCS).

Now we're planning for deploying the DR solution. We plan to deploy the DR solution at the remote location w/ approximately 100 miles between primary and DR sites.

The DR solutions have been considered Data Replication via SAN technology, SQL Logs Shipping, or utilize DR software like DoubleTake or DBShadow. I know DBShadow is certified and supported by SAP, which I am in more favorable with.

The original plan is to replicate the database using log shipping via SAN technology or software like DBShadow. The PRD at the primary site still be clustered w/ MSCS and the DR site will be configured w/ a stand-alone server as Hot Standby Server.

Now, the second request is to also have the Hot Standby System from the DR site clustering w/ MSCS. Would anyone know if such installation is supported and any suggestion on DR software in addition to DBShadow & SAN technology?

Any hints would be very appreciated and look forward for your reply.



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Hi Franc,

SQL Log shipping is a easy to use simple setup , I had implemented log shipping and it worked flawlessly.

What you can do is,

*Install MSSQL on target server

*Install a central instance on the target server with SID same as the production server

*Restore production database on target server.

*Create a shared directory and provide permission to Source server.

*Schedule periodic Log backup and ensure mechanism to copy logs work.

*ensure the Database is consistent with the production

Do a test if possible on a 6 monthly basis



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Hi Siddhesh,

Thank you for your reply...I have always recommended SQL Log Shipping which is the mst ease solution. But sometimes diff client diff requirements...when you try to save them $$$ then they want to spend and verse visa!!!

Again, thank you!


Franc Nguyen