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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 HANA quicksizing

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Hi Everyone,

since offical relase of solution manager 7.2 there is an HANA sizing option at the quicksizer.

I have some questions about, I hope someone can answer:

1. Do I have to additional choose Fiori Front Server or is it included at the Solution Manager 7.2 option? Fiori is not listet under SW components ...

2. At the result of the calculation at the "Memory and disk" tab is "Memory (total, 2-tier, MB)" the total amount of the RAM size which the server needs?




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Hi Wolfgang

1) SAP recommend to keep Fiori apps in embedded way and not use a separate Fiori front-end server (increase complexity and instead of having configuration more or less out of the box would generate additional manual actions) so my assumption is that there is no need for a separate calculation as Netweaver gateway and needed components for Fiori are included (embedded) in SolMan 7.2 for this purpose.

2) Not sure about "the Memory (total, 2-tier, MB)". The sum of ABAP + JAVA + DB Memory + Memory EM > 'memory (total, 2 tier, MB) so I would just use those other figures and then leave some room for OS memory and take into account that Java also has permanent space memory so 2048 is insufficient imho and it better would be 3096 instead to take into account. Since you are looking at running on SAP HANA, you might also want to take growth margin into account, depending on what kind of hardware solution you'll want to go run on

Best regards