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SAP Signavio Process Insights - Vendor Confirmations

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Hi Community.

It seems that EKES data on SAP Signavio Process Insights are not managed (i didn't found a related process flow/data source to analize). This generates misunderstanding and may lead to a wrong analysis comparing the information about delivery date with other relevant dates (ex: GR/IR date). Please guide me if i'm wrong about this matter.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Guiseppe,

now where can you find vendor confirmation data in SAP Signavio Process Insights? 

1) If you visit the process flow "Inbound delivery item creation to goods receipt posting", then you find information where the delivery date in the inbound delivery (which relates to an EKES 'LA' entry) is compared with the delivery date in the PO. And you can also see if GR are perhaps posted via MIGO instead of VL* leading to inconsistencies between LE and MM if the "Document Flow Update" isn't activated asindicated in the Correction Recommendation for Performance Indicator KPLE000190



2) You can use "Overdue purchase order items without any confirmation" (KPPURCH223) to identify those PO items with confirmation control but no single confirmation yet, i.e. no expected EKES record exists


3) You can use "Open purchase order items with overdue inbound delivery items" (KPPURCH225) to identify those open PO items where the corresponding inbound delivery is overdue


4) You can use "MRP-relevant supplier confirmations overdue" (KPPURCH228) to identify those open PO items where overdue vendor confirmations exist, no matter which "confirmation category" (e.g. order acknowledgement or ASN) is behind it. 


 This PPI also tells you if the confirmed date deviates by how many days from the PO delivery date 


So there is a lot that can be analyzed within SAP Singavio Process Insights when it comes to vendor confirmations.

Kind Regards