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SAP Signavio Process Insights - Vendor Confirmations

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Hi Community.

It seems that EKES data on SAP Signavio Process Insights are not managed (i didn't found a related process flow/data source to analize). This generates misunderstanding and may lead to a wrong analysis comparing the information about delivery date with other relevant dates (ex: GR/IR date). Please guide me if i'm wrong about this matter.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Guiseppe,

The observation is right and wrong 🙂

If you are only referring to the main Process Flows in operational procurement like Purchase order item creation (with account assignment) to invoice receipt creation (KPPURCH268) or Purchase order item creation (without account assignment) to invoice receipt creation (KPPURCH261), then it is correct that no EKES data is considered, just because it doesn't make sense conceptionally as some purchase orders might work with confirmation control and some might not. The confirmation control key (BSTAE) is actually available as filter. Additionally the different confirmation control keys might be configured completely different (one level of confirmation, several levels of confirmation, with or without inbound delivery). Hence it would be impossible to compare the "right" dates in all those cases. But this Process Flow allows you to analyze how accurate or inaccurate your used planned delivery times are


This was the answer where you don't find vendor confirmation data. I will post a separate answer for the content in SAP Signavio Process Insights where you find vendor confirmation information.

Kind Regards