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SAP Signavio Process Governance - Email Feature

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We recently enabled Signavio Process Governance Workflow to allow Process Owners to request for Approval before the models is published. The Process Owners are able to start the approval workflow which then routes to 1 person identified as the approved ( Approver has the Process governance license assigned). Approver reviews/approves and the model gets published, but we noticed that if the user is not assigned a process governance license they get no email notification. Does every process manager user need to be assigned a process governance license as well for Signavio Process governance workflow to be able to read the 'Case creator' etc and send out the email notifications ?

Are there any other settings or features that can be used if the user is already a Signavio Process manager user ?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes, every Process Manager User will need to have an additional Process Governance license to access the 'Process Governance' module. 

Process Manager license and Collaboration Hub license do not have access to the 'Process Governance' module. If you want a user with either of these licenses to interact with workflows in the 'Process Governance' module, then they will need the additional Process Governance license.

Hope this helps.