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SAP service starts instances automatically

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I am a relative beginner in SAP technology.

I have installed WebAS Java 6.40 on 64 bit Itanium running Windows.

After installation:

whenever I start the SAP instance service using the services panel, the instance starts up automatically with all of its processes even without even executing startsap.exe or starting from SAP MMC. This behavior wasn't there in a previous WebAS Java system installed on an x86 processor.

This is creating problem in my testing. Please let me know how to get over this problem.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raja,

have you checked the Control Pannel -> Services? Are the SAP Services set to start automatically? If yes, set them to manually.



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I have set the startup to manual, thats not the issue here.

The problem is that when I start the service in 64 bit installation SAP<SID>_INSTID, the entire instance starts up i.e. jcontrol, jlaunch etc.

However in the previous 32 bit windows installation, to achieve the same thing I used 2 steps:

1. Start service SAP<SID>_INSTID. This would not start jcontrol, jlaunch etc. It would start only 1 process sapstartsrv.exe.

2. Execute command startsap nr=INSTID name=SID SAPDIAHOST=hostname. This would start the jcontrol, jlaunch of the instance.

Thus what I was doing in 2 steps is now happening with 1 step alone. This is not a desirable behavior for my testing.

Please suggest.


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Have a look at your SAP Start and Default profiles, checking for Autostart = 1, which would start the SAP instance automatically.

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ur method seems to do it. changed the autostart attribute value to 0.

thanks a lot )


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For a long time, I am searching for a solution of this issue. Looking for answers for other issues I found your advice. With hindsight, I give you virtual 10 points for this.

Thank you very much


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