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SAP Service Connector, OSS Assistance

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Hi all.

I need to configure correctly my system in order to give SAP the possibility to verify it.

I made a SAPROUTER CONNECTION but when I try to execute stfk.oez a ROUTER PERMISSION DENIED error appear in the trace file.

Exactly the error is:

ERROR sapserv2a: route permission denied ( to, 3301) where stand for my saprouter public ip.

My saprouter is fully operative (i've open everything possible !) and all hosts are reacheable.

I think it's a problem of SAP's Saprouter...or not.

Please, help me !

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Lorenzo!

Have you solved your problem yet?

I am still stuck at the stfk.oez file step. Where do I get it? SAP market place says its a generated file but how do I generate it? What tool do I need to generate it? I have downloaded the SAP Service Connector and installed it, but there is only a single VB application (42KB) in the SAP AG/SAPServiceConnector folder.

How do I get the stfk.oez file?

I would be really happy if you answered it...


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Hi Sameer.

The file is generated by a web page in the SAP SUPPORT PORTAL.

By pressing the specific button the web ask you to save the file containing all the information to mantain connection between you and SAP.


For all information read this (point 4 - Start Service Connection):

If not able write me; I will send you it by mail.

I hope it helps !


Lorenzo Gervasini

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Hi Lorenzo,

I am experiencing the same problem as well... Any luck in getting it to work? Here is my Error...

        • ERROR file opened at , SAP-REL 710,0,0 RFC-VER 3 880476 MT-SL

T:5672 Error in program 'SAPServiceConnector': ======> Connect to SAP gateway failed

Connect_PM DEST=o01, GWHOST=/H/<Local IP>/S/3299/W/<Password>/H/, GWSERV=sapgw01, SYSNR=01

LOCATION SAProuter 37.15 on sapserv2a

ERROR sapserv2a: route permission denied (<Public/External IP> to, 3301)

TIME Wed Aug 29 12:15:16 2007


COMPONENT NI (network interface)


RC -93