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SAP SDI - Problem with Camel jdbc mysql

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Hello Experts,

We've set up our agent and would like to create a remote source for mysql camel jdbc adapter in our QAS environment.
We already put our jar file in /camel/lib but the problem still persist.
Its weird because we manage to do it succesfully in our DEV environment.

Does any experts know how can i solve this? And how do i check the log regarding to the error because this is the only error i can see for now.

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Hello Satoshi,

"Could not get tables" messages can obscure other problems in the connection/configuration of CamelJdbcAdapter. The agent is trying to login to the remote database, and then pull a list of tables available to the user whose credentials you have entered in the remote source. I suspect there is a problem in the user's remote DB authorizations, or the JDBC connection string is missing some required context like a schema or database specification.

For the former issue, you can simply logon with the database's native client or any other client to see if the credentials have access to select on the table you want to use with SDI.

For the latter issue, please refer to the JDBC documentation for the JAR file you are using to make this connection. Each database takes different parameters, so it is hard to advise.


WRT checking SDI logs for errors, the best place to look is the DP Agent's framework.trc files. Please change the logging level to ALL via steps in KBA 2496051. Then reproduce the error, and search for "Could not get tables" in the most recent log files. You may find some additional context returned by the JDBC driver in the surrounding lines.

Best wishes,
SAP Support