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SAP SD customization guide

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Hello gurus,

I need to change printer for specific transaction codes and specific user IDs. The default printer should stay as it is. I just need to change the printer, so the new printer would be assigned to new tcode and users.

Can I do it myself via customization with some particular Tcode?

Thanks in advance!



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I don't understand in what way this question relates to SD as you mentioned in subject ? I have changed the Primary Tag accordingly. You can learn more about tags at and browse all existing tags here:

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Maybe you need to elaborate more on what you really wish to achieve with examples and why this is needed.

Maintaining printer assignments for the same output type and document per userID and transaction code looks cumbersome to support.

Is there a particular reason why the users are not happy with printer default option in transactions like VL71, VF31, VT70 etc?

Usually this is needed just for reprinting, which should not occur often.

That being said, there are exits for printer determination, e.g. EXIT_SAPLV61B_002. To some extent, what you ask might be possible with a wise choice of condition records and/or routines, but you really need to clarify the use case, so that forum members can point you in a good direction.