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Hi experts,

I am using T1 paragraph format for table heading .i am displaying 8 fields but it is enough for 7 fields space 8th field is coming under 1 i have to align heading.

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Answers (5)

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hi this will help u.

Character formats are like

C - Centered

L - Left alligned ( means the data starts from Left side begining)

R - Right alligned (from Right end side)

B - Bold

Define them and use

You can define the paragraph format(say ZA) and define tab settings in it to display the fields at proper positions

Tabs wills


30 CHAR left

40 CHAR right

and the data of fields will be written as


two commas indicate the TAB setting space between fields

with regards,


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hi jeevitha koduru,

how r u?

First u create one paragraph format and give the 7 tab positions and assign this paragraph format to ur heading.

and each field seperated by one tab.

i hope it may helpful,


sirisha reddy.

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if possible increase table size OR

if length of ur 7 Fields is fixed u can use OFF SET to optimal use of space ;

like if u required 10 character for field1 and u assigned data element have 12 charater then u can use :

field1(10) similarly u can save space for other fields .

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Hi Jeevitha,

Try creating a new paragraph format and then use it for the 8th field. enclose the first 7 fields in t1 and the eighth one in new paragraph format .

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As you have told that the 8th field is comming under 1st field there is not enough width in the window to accomadate the 8th field data.

Option 1) You have to increase the width of the window .

Option 2) You have to decrese the font size in the paragraph tag you are using for the heading.