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sap script

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how many layouts in sap?

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Welcome to SDN

Scripts are mainly used for designing outgoing doc of an orgn

in SD and MM most of the documents like Sales order, quotation, contract and Purchase order Rfq, GR slip etc we use scripts

few of the scripts


Output type : BA00

ScriptForm Name : RVORDER01

Driver Program Name : RVADR01

smartform name


Output type : LD00

ScriptForm Name : RVDELNOTE

Driver Program Name : RVADDN01

smartform name : LE_SHP_DELNOTE

Smartform Driver Pgm: RLE_DELNOTE


Output type : RD00

ScriptForm Name : RVINVOICE01

Driver Program Name : RVADIN01

smartform name : LB_BIL_INVOICE

Smartform Driver Pgm: RLB_INVOICE


Output type : NEU

ScriptForm Name : MEDRUCK

Driver Program Name : SAPMF06P

smartform name : /SMB40/MMPO_L

smartform driver program: /SMB40/FM06P

FI Forms

Account Statement : F140_ACC_STAT_01

Cheque Printing : F110_PRENUM_CHEK

Balance Confirmation: F130_confirm_01

There are some Standard Sap Scripts in SAP. We cant directly execute them in scripts we have to use some T-codes and by giving some input to the required fields we can see the output printform.

I will show one example. There are some Standard Sap Scripts such as MEDRUCK which is a standard Sap Script for Purchase Order and RVINVOICE01 for billing and so on...

To see oupt of MEDRUCK go to T-code ME9F give purchase order number and execute select one number and click on dislplay messages button on application tool bar you can find the print form of MEDRUCK.

You cannot change the Standard Sap Scripts but you can use Standard Sap Scripts and Copy them to userdefined Script and can make changes to them and replace standard Sap Script with usedefind script.

Ex: Go to SE71,

on menu bar u find Utilities->copy from Client. click on it u ll find new screen showing

Form name:

Source Clinet:

Target Form:

give Form name as usedefined form name EX: ZFORM1

Source client as 000 and

Target form as MEDRUCK.


Now, the standard from MEDRUCK is copyied to your form ZFORM1.

NOW, go to SE71 and give form name as ZFORM1 and do some changes to the form such as adding logo any thing. save and Activate.

Now, you have done changes to the Form ZFORM1 and u have to replace your form with standard SAP Script.

Go to NACE Transaction.

on Applications select EF for purchase order and click Output types button on application tool bar.

now select NEU as output types dobule click on Processing Routines.

now click on Change option on application tool bar and on right side u find MEDRUCK in form place replace MEDRUCK with ZFORM1 and SAVE.

go back twice and now go to T-code ME9F give the purchase order number and execute and select one option and click on display messges button .

you will find the changes that you have done in ZFORM1. so we cant chage the standard Sap Scripts by copying the Standard Sap Scripts we can chage and replace with our forms.


Link for SAP Scripts (step by step procedure)


scripts easy material

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