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SAP SCRIPT issue when displaying Super Scripts

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Hi All,

I have issue in SAP SCRIPT for printing the Material Text as follows

“8 CRA® spaFX™ / freshFX™ folder”.

This text is coming from print program to SAP SCRIPT as shown below

&xekpo-TXZ01(40)&, but the print preview is displaying as

“8 CRA® spaFX# / freshFX# folder”.

This issue here is instead of ™ it is showing some Junk characters #, but in debugging mode I am able to see this as ™ only.

For this I created Character format ,,,,,,/ &XEKPO-PEINH(5.0)& but still it is displaying (spaFX#) only instead (spaFX™).

Can anyone suggest me how to handle this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to maintain the chrecter format for the Super script, just create a new chrecter format, then in the Charecter format, select Super script Radio buitton, then use the Charecter format for those chareters which you want to show in the Super script

I am assuming that you know to create the Charecter format and you know how to use the Chrecter format