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SAP Screen Personas on IPad - Search helps issue

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I am on SAP Personas 3.0 SP 0.5. I know Personas is not mobile solution however I do some PoC (PM notification/work order) intended for using on IPad. Here I noticed an issue with “Search helps” functionality. The issue is actually related in general to Web GUI. On IPad, when I run search help for a field it hangs the browser in most of the cases.

Is that known issue? Is there anything can be done on this (browser version , system settings..) ?

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Answers (2)

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We saw this issue too, when we evaluated Screen Personas (WebGui).
I think the problem was that the search help was not centered on the ipad screen.
When we klicked on the search help we only saw a part of it and we could not do any inputs.

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Product and Topic Expert
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This is, as you observed, not a Personas but rather a webgui issue. Such problems are the reason why currently Personas is not officially supported on mobile devices.

However the search help should normally not hang, it's more common that there are certain usability issues...