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SAP SAC, Getting members filtered on Attribute value

Dear SAP community,

I am currently looking for help on scripting...

(I am using SAP SAC, on Analytics Designer)

My problem is describe as follow, Dimensions Name / Values and others are SAMPLES.

- Dimension MDim, member MMember

MMember can be : "Something", "Else" or "Text" ....

I want to get all members from MDim where MMember is "Something" ...
----It's like a SQL : Select * FROM MDim where MMember = "Something" ----

Did you know something to do ? 2 days of research, a lot of tests in JS and testing functions ....

But i have no ideas ....

Maybe using the dataSource.getResultMember() function, but results are Undefined .....

Thank you !!!!! 😉

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Please check the following syntax used to derive the ID from an Input control


Here Country is an Input control and the Function to get the Active Selected members was released recently as part of QRCQ2 upgrade.