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SAP SAC - can't use objects from another page in script

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I need to apply filters and variables to a table that is on another Page, but SAC won't let me.

Why I can't reference to a table within a same story just on different page?

Is there any workaround?

Thank you,


error: "You can't use "table_2" since it is on a different page."

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Hi there


Not sure if this is a good solution, it isn't exactly pretty...

For Filters I can't help much but for Variables you can work around it as follows:

On Page 1 (where your chart is not there) do the following steps:

1. Create a simple KPI tile with a single value from the same Query you want to change.

2. In the Chart properties (right panel) set the Data refresh of the new chart to "Always Pause"

3. In the Outline (left panel) disable mouse actions and make the chart invisible.

4. Define your variable using the hidden chart chtHIDDENCHART.getDataSource().setVariableValue("VARNAME", "VARVALUE");

5. This will update the Variables linked to the Query it is sharing so when you go the the page the Variables are set before the report runs.


Not sure if there is a better way to update Story Filters/Variable directly but this worked for me