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SAP River RDE Application Preview Blank

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Hi expert,

I'm doing exercises about SAP River RDE following the series of  videos:SAP HANA Academy - RDE: 01. Create a simple SAP UI5 application - YouTube 

Created 2 subscriptions: rde and rdetesting.

Created 5 destinations: ui5dist, ui5dist-test-resources and the other 3 for backend NW Gateway paths: ui5_ui5, adt and odata

SAP HANA Cloud Connector also setup and open,everything seems fine.

Then I created an empty mobile project with view:main.

Hit the index.html and RUN,it should come out with a blue crystal background image and a tile text, however, it is blank.

With below error messages in F12 Google Chrome.

Pic 1 in Application Preview window, and Pic 2 in SAP River RDE window.

Any suggestion on this would be very much appreciated.



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I have tried to create the same - Mobile Project - It worked fine for me - The steps I followed are -

1. Local - New - Project

2. Choose SAP UI5 Mobile App Project

3. View Name - main

4. Then Run - index.html of created project.

As far as your error is concerned, can't figure out anything from the screens you have pasted above.

Please have a look in "Know Issue" in RDE documentation as well

SAP River RDE Developer Guide