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sap.Push.checkForNotification returns empty string to callback



I am trying to set up a hybrid application using the WebIDE and HAT, which supports push notifications. I integrated the required kapsel plugins, configured the hcpms and implemented all necessary handlers in the UI5-App.

Basically, everything is working fine, except for the handling of missed notifications. So I receive the notifications, when the app is opened and active in the Android emulator, I receive the notifications in the Android notification area when the app is closed and I even receive notifications send while the device was offline.

But one thing is not working: When I call the sap.Push.checkForNotification-function to check if there were any push notifications when the app wasn't aktive, the resulting callback parameter contains only an empty string (though I can see the notifications in the Android top bar).



alert(sNotification); // sNotification is always ""


I am using: HAT 1.28.4, SMP SDK 3.15.4, Kapsel 3.15.0 (kapsel --version) and kapsel-plugin-push 3.15.5 (plugin.xml), Android API 19 (4.4.2) - API 23 (6.0.0) and a Firebase Account.

Maybe someone had the same problem and can tell me, what I can do to receive the notification payload when resuming the app or tapping the Android notification icon and thereby starting the app.

Thanks in advance



Same problem here. Using HAT as SAP Web IDE Plugin. Any solution?

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Same problem here... Using Android Hybrid App. Any news?
Edit: I'm using SAP HAT 1.29.7 and SMP SDK 3.0 SP16 PL18

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Same problem here. Able to receive the Firebase notifications when the app is active. But when the app receives notifications when inactive we are not able to read them later on.
Also an empty notification string when the processMissedNotification method is called.
Any help ?

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