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SAP Portal and MS Sharepoint

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We are interested in knowing if companies have successfully integrated SAP Portal and MS Sharepoint for content management and collaboration. We've found lots of documents that talk to it, but so far can not substantiate any actual successful integrations between the two products. We plan to deploy EP 6.0 early next year and already have a Sharepoint v2 implementation running. Our desire is to use the Sharepoint product for content management and collaboration purposes. We've found many instances where Sharepoint uses the .NET connector in the NetWeaver architecture for pulling data out of SAP. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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Hi Jimmie,

i take a look how i can include MS-Sharepoint in EP 5.0. (only a few days, so i havent much knowledge about).

What i now (and try):

You can Integrate the sharepoint Content with the Webdav Connector.

You can access the must sharpoint views with URLs, so it is very easy to integrate the most feature in the SAP EP without programming.

But i think better is:

Write a very easy Java iViews that uses only the htmlb element "HTML Container" and configured with the .propertys file to have a better administration and it is much more flexible. Use a JSPDynPage and put a html Container on the JSP. In your Java Class you write two methods :

First: Read the properties from the file.

Second: Build the URL for the HTML Container.

Thats it.

I dont know how (or where) you would use the .net Connector.

Best Regards,

PAtrick Hoefer