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SAP PO 7.5 AEX vs Decentral AAE

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We currently have SAP PO7.5 system. We wanted to seperate our B2B and A2A scenarious in our landscape.

What options do we have in seperating these from security perspective?

1. Can we able to connect with a decentralized AAE? I was told that this is not possible with single stack. Please clarify what other options do we have?

2. Some suggested to have another instance of AEX which is lightweight without BRM and BPM and only PI. Is it true?

3. For second option, do we need to communicate with two ICOs and share the ESR across central PO with another instance of AEX.

I am bit confused as i thought it was easier to choose with channel showing which adapter engine we can process.

I thought having a decentral AAE is federated landscape. Please clarify!



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