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SAP PI - Determine the receiver based on Source FileName

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Hi all,

Ive an issue regarding receiver determination based on a Source FileName.

Ive a file to file scenario without any ESR objects. 

The FileNames look like this:

CRM_<all Other Values>_TimeStamp

Based on the source FileName I need to send Files containing the value 12345 to Receiver 1 and all Files containing other values except 12345 to Receiver 2

I try this in the Iflow:

(ContextObject.FileName CP "*12345*") --> Reiceiver 1  --> This is working

(ContextObject.FileName != "*12345*") --> Reiceiver 2  --> This is NOT working

Ive red that (Not) Equal to with a Wilcard (*) is not working.

So what is the solution here? How can I achieve this and solve this issue?

Your help is appreciated,

Kind regards


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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if you can't sort out the xpath, you may only define one condition for the first receiver, the one containing the string, and then use default receiver option for the second receiver if receiver can't be determined


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Hi Alex,

Thank you for your response...

I selected the Receiver 2 as a default Receiver and when I test it with 2 receiver it works 

But I didnt think it would matter but there is also another Receiver where all file should go to. 

So when I add this receiver (receiver 3) than the files dont go to default receiver (Receiver 2) anymore. 

Any idea why is that? And how to solve it?

Thank you!