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SAP PI - Determine the receiver based on Source FileName

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Hi all,

Ive an issue regarding receiver determination based on a Source FileName.

Ive a file to file scenario without any ESR objects. 

The FileNames look like this:

CRM_<all Other Values>_TimeStamp

Based on the source FileName I need to send Files containing the value 12345 to Receiver 1 and all Files containing other values except 12345 to Receiver 2

I try this in the Iflow:

(ContextObject.FileName CP "*12345*") --> Reiceiver 1  --> This is working

(ContextObject.FileName != "*12345*") --> Reiceiver 2  --> This is NOT working

Ive red that (Not) Equal to with a Wilcard (*) is not working.

So what is the solution here? How can I achieve this and solve this issue?

Your help is appreciated,

Kind regards


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For Receiver 1: Route files with "12345" in the filename to Receiver 1. For Receiver 2: Route files without "12345" in the filename to Receiver 2.


Here's how you can adjust your iflow conditions:

  1. For Receiver 1 (Files containing "12345"):

    • Condition: (ContextObject.FileName CP "*12345*")
    • Action: Route to Receiver 1
  2. For Receiver 2 (Files not containing "12345"):

    • Condition: !(ContextObject.FileName CP "*12345*")
    • Action: Route to Receiver 2


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Unfortunately this condition is not working: !(ContextObject.FileName CP "*12345*")

I get the following error:
Lexical error at line 1, column 4. Encountered: "d" (100), after : "Con"

I tried it already with Not and != symbols as well...