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SAP on HANA - Migration of Primary Application server instance and ASCS instance

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Hi All,

I need your idea to install new primary application server instance and ASCS instance on existing SAP HANA database. I will try to explain my situation below

1. Source system was running in Redhat Linux on MaxDB

2. I upgraded system and Migrated database from MaxDB to HANA using DMO of SUM

3.  I got the system running on HANA database (SUSE Linux) and PAS&ASCS running on Redhat Linux on Netweaver 7.4

4. I want to move/install PAS and ASCS on SUSE linux box, in order to get rid of redhat linux.

Target should be PAS,ASCS,HANA DB should be running on SUSE linux.

Few questions below:

1. Tried SWPM system copy --> Target system, but installer wants me to restore the new database using the backup file. Usually i have seen for other databases, where we can say that database is restored, start installing application server only. Can i achieve that here in HANA database?

Kindly share your ideas to achieve this.



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SWPM20SP01_10-80003424 produced this for me also. Under SystemCopy steps the page is missing which contains the "Restore Manually" checkbox.


Always use the latest SWPM.