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SAP Notes for most recent support pack

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Hi Team,

We are on support pack 06 of the 2004S release (ABAP 7.0) in a retail SAP system.

The business users at our company are not yet ready to upgrade to the latest support pack, however, we are implementing extensive web-dynpro applications. Since we are on a very low support pack we are facing issues which we hope will get resolved once we implement the new packs.

We already looked at Thomas's post where he has listed some notes from SP10 which give some additional functionality and resolve some critical issues.

<u>Specific questions are:</u>

1. Can we get a list of all the notes <u>specific to web-dynpro ABAP</u> which will take us from SP06 to the latest one?

2. Can we just implement these notes for WDA without any negative impact on the business functionality? We not looking to upgrade the entire technology suite of our WAS either.

Thanks for your help and time.

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Hi Sachin,

Let me quickly answer your questions:

1. SP6 was released beginning of last year. There have been many corrections and many enhancements meanwhile. Some of these corrections are quite complex while for others no snote support exits. Hence, it's not possible to "upgrade" to SP11 by only applying notes.

2. Since you can't "upgrade" to SP11 by applying notes....

Best regards,


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Thank you Thomas for your response.

We will follow-up with our basis team.