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SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio thoughts

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Hi All,

I want to hear your unedited thoughts, ideas and your general opinions about SAP Dev Studio. I know you use it, but give me the good and the bad. Let me know does it make your life easier, development faster? Would you tell someone new to move to it because it helps your projects? How does it compare in you view to other tools out there.

Looking forward to replies here in the forum, to see if there is any consensus on your feelings.



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as of now, i have only 20 hrs of experience with studio 6.4. its quiet stable and visually appealing. few of the things i noticed:

Sometimes it is overwhelmingly crowded with all kinds of windows.

-Is there a way to close all windows of similar type with one click. for e.g i ended up opening 15 java programs and i seem to have lost control of my own thoughts and my windows.

-i kept on pressing ctrl+s for saving on every where.

-on help contents, i failed to find a way to close(compress) the opened book.

-how do i open javadoc html a java program from editor.

Most impressive part of the studio is this:

-i loaded around 1500 java 1.3 files of a real b2b application and compiled it. its definetly good feeling to see that it went just the way i knew it would go!

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Hi Venu,

you can close and save all open editor windows (regardless of which file-type) by pressing SHIFTCTRLF4 and SHIFTCTRLS respectively.