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SAP NetWeaver and SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 installed or not,how to fin

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Hello Friends,

I would like to know that in my system whether

<b> SAP NetWeaver and SAP ERP Central Component 6.0</b>

Installed or not?How to check whether these are installed or not?

and where can i Find in the system?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Preethi ,

SAP NetWeaver is the base for SAP ERP Central Component 6.0.

You have SAP Netweaver by default. To track ECC version just check the status from System menu , you will find the Component version option there .

Regards ,


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Hello ,

I cheked the same in the system->status->componet version

it is showing<b> SAP R/3 Enterprise</b>

It means that there is no SAP netviewr .

am i right..??



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Hello Friend,

I have cheked the system->status.

I have cheked SXMB_MONI(XI tcode),it exist

but how can i check for EP(portal) and all other componet of Netviewr.

How can i Chekc which version of Netviewer exist.

I would like to know whether it is Netviewer or ECC version.

Can you please let me know from Below.

I found below in system->status.

Can you please let me know whether netviewvier exist or not?

ECC version exist or not?

How can I find ?

Please Its urgent?

I will reward with Points.

SAP Basis Component

Cross-Application Component

Logistics and Accounting

Human Resources

SAP R/3 Enterprise iPPE

R/3 Plug-In (PI) 2004.1 for R/3 Enterpri

PI_BASIS 2005_1_620

SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

WP-PI 600_620 : Add-On Installation

SAP R/3 Enterprise Add-On PLM, SCM, Financials

SAP R/3 Enterprise Financial Services

SAP R/3 Enterprise Global Trade

SAP R/3 Enterprise Add-On HR

SAP R/3 Enterprise Public Services

SAP R/3 Enterprise Retail

SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0

C-CEE 102_470 add-on installation

Best Practices: Preconfig. Smart Forms ,

Application Servicetools for R/3 470



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Hello Preethi,

You can find this t-code on all the system.

Anyway for your information Enterprise is also a netweaver based system.

The System which you have is not ECC one for sure.Its a R3 Enterprise.

Moreover EP and XI are installed as NW components which need basic Web AS to run. For EP it needs Java AS where as for XI it needs ABAP + Java AS.

Thanks & Regards


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Hello Mr. Vivekandan wali,

I have question reagarding R/3 entreprise,

you said that Enterprise having (Ep + XI + other Netviewer components).

How can I find out which vesrion of Netviewer installed and all other details.

For Ep which transaction should i Work.

Thanks inAdvance



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R3 enterprise means it is not netweaver.after ECC 5.netweaver is started.for xi u can check the weblink http://<hostname>:5<instance no>00/rep.

this link is work XI is installed.



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Kinldy make clear cut query before you look for an answer to that!

To check for the WAS-J2EE Stack installation - kindly use the following link to access your WAS j22 Start page "http://hostname:5XX00" where XX will be the System No. for SAP System.

Incase if you want to find out that you have a EP installed: goto:-


For XI , you can go to "http://hostname:5XX00/rep"

Incase the links work properly the software component is installed.


1) The system number should be correct.

2) The Fully qualified domain name should be used for the hostname.

3) The Software components and the J2EE Stack should be operational.

(ON the SAP SERVER)On OS level --> you can Go and have a look for the following directories existence --->

1) usr/sap/SID/DV*.../j2ee,

2) usr/sap/SID/DV*.../SDM

This means that you have atleast the Java Stack installed on your SAP Server.

Next in the task manager(WINDOWS) / process level(UNIX) you can check if you have process "jlaunch process under the sidadm owner".

In SAP Frontend-GUI :

You can login and go to T-Code ST11 and check for the log files

dev_disp, dev_dispatcher, dev_server0, dev_jcontrol, dev_bootstrapID.......,

these file will give you info regarding the J2ee stack and its components....

Hope this helps you...



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Hello PremKrshan,

Thanks for your help.

Hello Santosh ,Vivekanda and Ajai ...

Thanks alot for your support..



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