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SAP Netweaver 7.5x Java Application Server: Requesting full steps and docs for developer

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My goal is to set up an NW Java Application Server on an Ubuntu 16.04 64bits platform and to collect data from it through JMX with a proprietary JMX client.

I've followed this blog article but I'm stucked at the launch of the Management Console with Firefox 47. Java applets are enabled on this browser and are working fine: tested with the Oracle Applet test page. However, the management console doesn't open, its java process seems to be running but doesn't open any UI. From Management Console, I believe I'll be able to create and start a Java instance in the server.

Would someone please provide tips and advices?

Also, what client jar files would allow JMX connection and how are they packaged, i.e. in what product/installable?

Thanks for your help.

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Dear Sylvain,

Hope you are doing good.

Are you certain that you have referred to the right blog:

If you just want to start the SAP Application Server JAVA, you can use sapcontrol commands (or even startsap script).

Start JAVA instance

> sapcontrol -nr <JAVA instance number> -function Start

Hope this helps.
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Kind Regards,
Hemanth Kumar |
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Hi Hernanth,

The server was started, but Management Console didn't open in Firefox on Ubuntu. Had to reinstall Firefox 47 and block updates, configure IcedTea plugin, allow self signed applets and moreover install an Oracle JRE (OpenJDK failed).

Finally, I had to enable Java in the instance from its profile and restart the SAP server.

The question that remains is: where can I find the client jar files to connect remotely through jmx to this running server?

Your help is very appreciated.