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Sap netweaver 2004s/BI7.0

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We are doing fresh implementation on SAP BW(sap netweaver2004s/BI7.0).As new version having lot of changes we need guidance.

After activation of standard infoobjects,cubes and datastore objects how to load the data into bw from SAP(ECC5.0 source system)?.What are the next steps we need to do?..Pls help us with the step by step in detail.

Thanks in advance for your help



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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pls help us with more details..

Thanks a lot for ur help


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Below are the basic steps which we follow in any BI 2004S system:

1)Create datasource. Here u can set/check the Soucre System fields.

2)Create Transformation for that datasource. (no more update rules/transfer rules)

2.1) While creating transformation for DS it will ask you for data target name, so just assign where u want to update ur data.

DataSource -> Transformation -> Data Target

Now if you want to load data into data target from Source System Datasource:

1) Create infopackage for that data source. If you are creating infopackage for new datasources, it will only allow you update upto PSA, all other options u can see as disabled.

2)Now Create DTP (Data Transfer Process) for that data source.

3) NOw schdule the Infopackage, once the data is loaded to PSA, you can execute your DTP which will load data to data target.

If you are loading data from one one data target to other, no need to use PSA, you can directly execute DTP in that case.

Data Source -> Transformation (IP/DTP) -> Data Target1 -> DTP ->Data Target 2

Use the below link for detailed example:

Infosources are no more mandatory with BI 7.0, below is the link to scenarios where we use infosources:

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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IN BI7.0,I want to use transformation to load data directly to the data target using the process DS>Transformation->IP but when I do the same I am getting error saying no proposal is created/generated? please guide me whats the problem,

thanks in advance


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First of all search thread- plenty of answers/discussions.

Second bear in mind the need to take advantage of the new concept.

Would start by business content with a 3.x data model and work from here migrating.

Then OLTP > infopackage to PSA > data transfer process to Data target