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SAP .Net Connector Problem

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I am facing problem while generating proxy


- SAP connector 2.01

- SAP GUI 640

- .NET 2003 (FW 2/1.1)

- OS Server 2003

- librfc32 6.4.



I can see my rfc-module in the

server explorer. (the filter works fine)

The server explorer is able to get

the rfc-module name, so the logon should be be ok.

If I drag the rfc-module to my proxy object,

the system starts but does not retrieve anything... I would say system does nothing and after some time I get following error message.

the error message:

Exception in thread "main"$LoginFailed:





Please help



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I had the same problem, except that I was using SNC to connect to R/3, which was the cause of the error. The methodology that the .NET connector uses to query R/3 for the available BAPI's etc is different from the methodology that is used to pull the information back to the proxy class; therefore the ability to view BAPI's is not an indicator of a successful connection to the application server. Check to ensure that you have the appropriate information set in the properties of the application server in server explorer such as: client is set (default value is 0) and a valid username and password.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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think the same problem ?

- bad client

- wrong username / password.

- case problems: If backend is case-sensitive you need a case-sensitive LIBRFC32 (version 6.40) on the client. The version that comes with NCo 2.0.1 is, but maybe it's replaced. If the backend is not case-sensitive and your NCo is, you may need to enter the password all-UPPERCASE.