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SAP .Net Connector 2.0: Logon Information

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Im using VB .Net 2003 and SAP .Net Connector 2.0.

Im able to connect to SAP and displaying data on datagrid. Now, im creating my own logon screen where user key-in their client no, user, password.

My problem is how to validate the user. How to check whether the user, client and password being entered correctly?

Thank you.


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Construct a Connection object using the connection parameters entered and call method Open().



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Thanks Reiner n Guangwei.

What is the difference with Connection and proxy?

I open the connection and dispose it later and Im still able to display data through the sapproxy.

I dont get it. I thought by disposing the connection, the sapproxy should not be working.

Anybody can explain it to me.

Thank you.


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The connection maintains the connection state, while the proxy maintains the functional aspect. Indeed a proxy without an open connection wouldn't work:

Connection conn = Connection.GetConnection(myDestination);

conn.Open(); // This would throw if connection data in myDestination is bad


SAPProxy1 proxy = new SAPProxy1();

proxy.Connection = conn;


conn.Dispose(); // Closes connection

proxy.Method1(...); // Will fail

proxy.Connection = null;

proxy.Dispose(); // Doesn't have an effect here. It would also Dispose the assigned connection.

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